Teri Woodhull

Clinical Trials Lead to Effective Treatment

Teri Woodhull was aware of her genetic risk for cancer from an early age because of her family history. So she lived a healthy lifestyle and was screened for cancer. Yet in November 2010, Woodhull, who lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Thanks to cancer research and her participation in cancer clinical trials, her cancer is stable today. 

The regular scans she gets show that the molecularly targeted drug she receives is keeping her cancer at bay. It “reminds me how fortunate I am,” Woodhull says. “I also know that the path I chose, participating in clinical trials, is helping make a difference to the future of ovarian cancer care.”

Read Woodhull’s full story and see her video in the AACR Cancer Progress Report 2017. Learn more at AACR.org/Teri.